Stories in text and image.


You may wonder why there are so many different topics in my portfolio. One of my weaknesses might be to choose between good options because I‘m afraid of missing out on something. One of my greatest strengths, however, is being enthusiastic about learning new and different things and looking for stories. I love to capture the character or even the mystery of a person, a landscape or an animal. I love watching someone do their job, art or sport with passion. I love language and translating words and feelings into pictures. I‘m a good listener and sometimes that‘s all it takes for a good story to evolve...


Hi, I‘m Miri, a photographer based at the foot of the alps, pretty much into nature, outdoor sports and discovering stories. 
Also I am confident with words...

A few facts about myself: I studied photo design at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Influenced by my beautiful home, the Tegernsee Valley, its mountains and the surrounding countryside, I also enjoy working on outdoor jobs as a photographer and journalist. Besides lifestyle and sports photography, my disciplines also include portraits, documentaries, landscapes and reportage. I have a weak spot for everything that has fur and you might find me the happiest on a chill mountain top at around 5 a.m. 

And why you should hire me (because thats probably what you are looking for here). First things first: I am an honest, creative and reliable down to earth photographer. I see my job only partially as art but mostly as a service or craft. In other words: I like to get things done as agreed and on schedule. In addition to a great enthusiasm and interest in various subjects, I am characterized by  a relentless love for detail, determination and conceptual visual thinking in relation to my work. Next to editorial and commercial work I am well experienced in reportage writing and photography. I am able to coherently implement concrete concepts as well as develop and elaborate my own ideas. But all this doesn‘t mean I might not be a dreamer seeking endless starlit skies over wild and giant mountain peaks or riding a mustang through the vast mongolian grasslands. My claim to my pictures is that the viewer can feel the atmosphere that I experienced while photographing. I want to appeal to all the senses with my pictures, not just the eye. Because a really good picture you don‘t only see, you feel, hear and smell it. Oh, and by the way: It might be the same with words.

“When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.”
― Robert Frank ―

I‘m good with dirt

No job can be too outdoors for me. I love nature in so many ways and let me be honest with you: The fresh-air-jobs are my all time favorites. I enjoy mountain sports, traveling and sleeping under the stars. Exploring beautiful places, going on adventures and meeting great outdoorsy people and their stories... what a gift!

Your Stories brought to the point

You‘d like to present your brand, your project or business to your audience in a way that perfectly presents its character and uniqueness? Then I might be able to help you and here is why: I like to ask questions. I like to get to know new things and fully understand them and examine them with my camera. Let me show them...

1000 +

They say one picture is worth a 1000 words and I do – obviously – agree on that. But there might be times where this is not enough. So when the message gets a little more complex let me find the words for you and underline them with my images. I really enjoy this kind of story telling and it never gets boring!